November 11, 2021

Myanmar Longhouse Fundraiser – Update

As of this date we have raised $7305 for this project. The fundraiser closes on November 15th, so if you still wish to contribute, please do so by that date. Many thanks to all who have donated already.

The fundraiser closes on November 15th
The fundraiser closes on November 15th

November 1, 2021 – Update

Our donations to the Myanmar Longhouse project are now over $7000, with some donations still to be added in.

This fundraiser will be ending on November 15th, so if you still wish to donate to this project, please ensure that your donation is received in our church office by, or preferable before this date. A final amount will be announced once the information is available.

Our funds will be combined with the contributions from Trinity, Hamilton and Christ Latvian, Hamilton to make one large donation from the Bay Ministry Area churches for this endeavour. The grand total will be announced once that information is known.

October 15 2021

Update on the Myanmar Longhouse Fundraiser

As of October 13th we have raised $6135 towards the Myanmar Longhouse Project. Special thanks to the Ladies of the Faith Sewing group. Their Blanket Sale contributed $1425 in support of this project. Sincere thanks also to everyone else who has contributed to this very worthwhile project.

The cutoff date for this project will be November 15th. Dare we hope that we could raise the full amount of $9810 for the building of one longhouse by that date?

Update on the Myanmar Longhouse Fundraiser – As of Sep 5 2021 we have reached $2500 donated. We are doing well so far.

As of Sep 5 2021 we have reached $2500 donated. We are doing well so far
As of Sep 5 2021 we have reached $2500 donated. We are doing well so far.

Myanmar Longhouse Fundraising Project

August 24, 2021 – Update

As mentioned in a previous post, we are participating in a project to raise funds to help build longhouses for refugees in Myanmar. Trinity Lutheran Church Hamilton and Christ Latvian Lutheran Church Hamilton are also fundraising for this project.

The attached photo shows the various components needed to build one longhouse, along with the cost of each component. The white oval on the ladder shows the $1275.00 that we at Faith have donated to the project as of August 22, 2021. The project will run until the end of 2021. Let’s see if we can raise enough to build at least one longhouse!


July 23, 2021

Refugees in Myanmar are facing political violence, oppression, and tyranny. Innocent people are fleeing from their homes and living as internal refugees in their own country. They need our compassion NOW. CLWR’s goal is to build 29 longhouses to shelter these refugees. The cost for one longhouse is $9810. More information available at:

Please join Trinity Lutheran Hamilton, Christ Latvian, and Faith Brantford to raise enough money for one longhouse. You may donate through your offering envelope or by an E transfer to Faith’s Email

The following is a breakdown of expenses for this project:

20 bags of cement $140

68 wooden poles $89

90 lbs. of wire nails $44

92 cubic ft. of sand $25

63 sets of bolts and nuts $16

32 hinges $14

40 sq. ft. of mesh $35

185 cubic ft. of stone aggregate $97

930 sq. ft. of bamboo mat $286

3500 bamboo poles $523

160 corrugated metal sheets $1266

336 cubic ft. of hardwood $3552

Labour $3723

Entire longhouse $9810

Myanmar Longhouse
Myanmar Longhouse