Faith Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), which itself is a member of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). LWF represents 74 million Lutheran Christians in 98 countries around the world. The ELCIC is also a member of the Canadian Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches. The ELCIC National Office is in Winnipeg, MB and is led by our National Bishop, the Rev. Dr. Susan C. Johnson.

We are members of the Eastern Synod, which is one of five synods of the ELCIC, consisting of almost 200 member congregations with 78,000 baptized members. The territory of the Eastern Synod runs from Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Halifax, NS. The Eastern Synod office is located in Kitchener, ON. The Bishop of the Eastern Synod is Rev. Dr. Michael J. Pryse.

Eastern Synod is made up of seventeen Ministry Areas. Our church is a member of the Bay Area Ministry, a group of eight Lutheran congregations in Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford and Fisherville, striving to work together In Mission for Others. The Dean of the Bay Area Ministry is Rev. Thomas F. Mertz.

As true children of the Reformation, we proclaim that salvation is solely a gift of God’s grace, active through faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and not through our own doing. We practice a liturgical style of worship.

All are welcome at Faith Church. We believe that our unity is found in our common faith in Jesus Christ, and our diversity is celebrated through the manifestation of the Spirit’s many gifts. Come, and be a part of God’s family with us!