As Christians, we act in love and compassion, reflecting God’s love for us.  Refugees are people who have been forced to leave their homelands and cannot voluntarily return. They have been persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion.  Aid to refugees is intended for all people in need regardless of their religion or other personal factors.

Making application through Canadian Lutheran World Relief ( Faith Church has been guided by CLWR’s experience in providing logistical support throughout the application and sponsorship process.  The Canadian government helps a set number of refugees come to Canada each year.  Canadians increase this number by privately sponsoring refugees through Sponsorship Holders like CLWR.

The resettlement process involves setting up accommodations (apartment or house), assistance with applications for OHIP, SIN and Child Tax Benefits, seeking a doctor, dental and optometrist care, registering adults in ESL classes and children in school, setting up bank accounts, help in using public transit, providing transportation to appointments  and finding employment – generally any assistance that helps the family adjust to life in Canada.

Faith Lutheran Church Brantford has a strong and active history of refugee sponsorship and resettlement dating back to 1980 and before.

Currently, the congregation has undertaken the sponsorship of a family of 7 from Lebanon, living in Cairo, Egypt.  Our refugee fund can already support 80%   of the expenses required to settle this family for their first year in Canada.

Updated July 2021