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Bethan Riehle-Johns

Vicar Bethan Riehle-Johns

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“Bethan was installed as the full-time Vicar here at Faith in May 2022. She is an ordination candidate with the ELCIC and a seminary student at Martin Luther University College. Bethan is passionate about nurturing faith, inter-faith/inter-spiritual dialogue, and music ministry. She is greatly looking forward to growing in relationship with Faith Lutheran Church, and with the wider community. Her primary roles throughout her time here as Vicar will be surrounding Worship, Pastoral Care, and Pastoral Administrative Guidance.

In her free time, Bethan loves nature and the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, and backpacking. Additionally, Bethan enjoys all things science fiction and fantasy: ask her about Dungeons and Dragons or Star Wars!”

Dermott Shepherd

Music Director

Music Director

Dermott Shepherd is a pianist and composer born in Hamilton, Ontario. He began teaching himself piano at the age of five while living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, began formal training at the conservatory the following year, and three years later was a soloist for Symphony Nova Sinfonia.

After many years of classical studies, his focus turned to composing, and he later went on to study jazz and music performance at Mohawk College.

Upon graduating, Dermott began working as the music director at a church in Hamilton as well as London, and in September of 2022, he joined Faith Lutheran Church in Brantford.

Dermott spends most of his days recording music and collaborating with many different artists. He’s an avid runner, and enjoys playing with his cats, watching hockey, and hiking.


Darren Schooley

Glen Willmot

Media Technician

Media Technician
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Glen Willmot

Glen is a life-long member of Faith Church. It is due to Glen’s interest in, and extensive knowledge of media technology that we have been able to hold virtual services via YouTube during pandemic lock-downs and restrictions. Our virtual services started with a hodgepodge of old audio and visual equipment which we were certainly grateful to have at the time. Our members were very grateful to be able to continue worshipping as a Faith community even though we had to stay in our homes. Glen helped to determine what we would need to continue live-streaming our services even after we were able to resume worshipping in person. In this photo Glen is surrounded by some of the new audio-visual equipment that was purchased with generous donations from our members for this specific purpose..

In his spare time Glen is an avid video gamer, holds a black belt in karate and also teaches karate. He enjoys the outdoors – biking, hiking, rock climbing and canoeing, and he also plays the flute.

Posted July 2021

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