Dear Members and Friends of Faith:

I’m writing to let you know that we will be offering online worship tomorrow morning.  This means that you will be able click on a link (that will be sent later) to watch, follow, and participate in worship as it happens live tomorrow morning.

You will find attached a word document that includes readings, hymns, and responses for worship.  We are going to post the words along with the video stream tomorrow, but if you have a slow connection or we experience any technical glitches, this may be of some help to you if you print it out first.

One piece of homework for you before tomorrow morning.  The gospel reading is one of those really long stories from John – it’s a great story!, but it’s really long.  Instead of reading it through on the video feed, which makes for boring viewing, I’m just going to summarize it.  So, your homework is to read it through on your own before tomorrow morning.  The reading is: John 9:1-41 (here as a link to the reading:

So, check your email again sometime before 10 AM tomorrow morning and you will find the link to connect to the online worship service.  And please have patience, it’s our first time.  There may be a glitch or two.

See you (virtually) tomorrow!


Pastor Brian

10 am worship Service