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Happy New Year!!

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No, I haven’t lost my mind or got my dates mixed up. This Sunday (Nov. 25) marks the final Sunday of the Christian calendar, and we do it with a bang! The last Sunday of the Christian calendar is the Feast of the Reign of Christ (formerly known as Christ the King Sunday). This is […]


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It is time to attend to some year-end items: Budget requirements for 2019 should be submitted ASAP to the Church Office Individual reports for the Annual Report Booklet should be submitted ASAP to the Church Office. N.B. The ANNUAL MEETING will be Sunday February 3, 2019.


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Many thanks to all who donated to this fund in order to pay for our roof repairs.  Thankfully, they are paid in full, in part due to Harold and Goetz generously adhering to their original estimate even though some extras were needed. You are most welcome to continue to occasionally donate to this fund with […]

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