No, I haven’t lost my mind or got my dates mixed up.

This Sunday (Nov. 25) marks the final Sunday of the Christian calendar, and we do it with a bang! The last Sunday of the Christian calendar is the Feast of the Reign of Christ (formerly known as Christ the King Sunday). This is the most recent development in the Christian calendar, having been instituted in the Roman Catholic Church in 1925 as a reaction to the rise of both secularism and nationalism in Europe following the First World War. On this last day of the Church Year we ask ourselves “what does it mean to worship Christ in the midst of our culture?”

In a small way, by holding this festival at this time instead of at the end of December with the rest of the culture, we live out the counter-cultural nature of our faith as a part of the answer to this question.

So, I say again, “Happy New Year!”

See you Sunday!

In Peace,
Pastor Brian