Dear Members and Friends of Faith:

Normally, Palm Sunday is one of my favourite services of the year.  I love how we all actively participate together in the Procession of the Palms as well as the note of joy that is rung on Palm Sunday after so many weeks in the wilderness of Lent and just preceding the somberness of Holy Week.

This year, of course, is different.

In the absence of the waving of palms together, I offer a couple alternatives that you might want to do.  First, you will find attached a palm template that you are welcome to print, colour, and cut out.   Make as many as you like.  Hold on to them for our online worship on Sunday morning and then, perhaps, tape them to a window or your front door as a public expression of your faith.

A second alternative is to view this YouTube video made by Pastor Kimber of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Halifax.  Pastor Kimber is very crafty and creative.  Here, she gives you a Palm Sunday spiritual practise, which I hope helps in these difficult days.  You can see the video here:

Sunday’s worship will happen this week much like it did two weeks ago when we did a livestream service.  Just before 10 AM on Sunday morning, go to your email and you will find a link to watch the livestream service.

Throughout the week, I have been making calls to many of our members.  I know that many of our people are also connecting with one another.  A reminder to pull out your photo-directory and give someone a call this week – you don’t even have to know them.  Just say, “I’m a fellow member at Faith and I’m just calling to check in and see how you are doing.”  If you discover a need that I or the church might address, you can let me know by calling my cell (519-209-1333) or Judy in the church office (519-753-3833).  Also, please know that you are welcome to contact me by phone or text any time if you would like to talk.

Grace and Peace to you in these challenging days.

Pastor Brian