Dear Members and Friends of Faith:

Please find attached a printable order of worship for the service on Sunday, for those of you who find it helpful.

Also attached is a second version of the image of the bulletin cover for this Sunday.  Many people are finding the uncertainty of everything connected with the pandemic these days to be especially stressful.  One way of handling this stress is to spend a few minutes each day in quiet contemplation – and one way of do that is… colouring!  It’s not for everybody, but many people find colouring to be a very relaxing, calming activity.  So, I’ve attached a copy of the bulletin cover along with the original artist’s conception of what colours might go well with it.  Just print it out and enjoy!  I hope this activity brings you some moments of peace.

And please, if you take up this activity, take a picture when you’re done and send it to me.  I’d love to see what you come up with!

‘See’ you Sunday!

Pastor Brian