I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few things coming up at the congregation.

  • As this Sunday (March 10) is the first Sunday in Lent, and recognizing that it is difficult for folks to get to church for Ash Wednesday in the middle of the week, the Imposition of Ashes will be offered at the beginning of worship for those who might have missed Ash Wednesday.
  • Following worship this Sunday, we are showing the movie “Chocolat.”  The movie takes place in a very traditional French village that, on the surface, is very quiet and serene.  Things get interesting when an exotic stranger arrives in town during Lent and shines some light on the truth of the lives of folks in town.  The movie is PG and is two hours long.  There will be popcorn and refreshments, but you may want to bring a brown-bag lunch.
  • For our Lenten Series this year, we are using a resource called “Christ and the Chocolaterie” which uses clips from the movie to help explore the season of Lent and our relationships with God and with one another.  The series takes place Tuesday evenings of Lent, March 12 to April 9 at 7:00 pm in the Friendship Lounge.
  • Calling all musicians – especially woodwind players!  We need more folks to join our Easter Sunday Band to mark and proclaim Christ’s resurrection in style.  There will two hymns, a Gathering Hymn at the beginning of the service and the Sending Hymn at the end.  The arrangements will be super easy, guaranteed!  Pull that old instrument out of the closet, and let Pastor Brian know so copies of the music can get out early for people to practise.

See you Sunday! (and why not invite a friend)

In Peace,

Pastor Brian